Key cornet
  • Key cornet

    Key cornet

    Cute type with a curved design

    Classic type with a linear design

    Sales price: 9,900 yen (10,890 yen including tax)



    This product won the Japan Leather Award due to the original structure, practicality and design.


    It has an innovative structure for wrapping your keys.

    Insert the key not often used inside the belt. 

    You can sort your keys without their jingling.

    You can fix your car key to the upper metal hook.

    • Handling Precauti

      To maximize the characteristics essential to natural leather, the product color is not completely fixed and the product is dyed the minimum necessary.

      Therefore, the product may lose color or fade due to absorbing sweat or moisture, or from rubbing against other objects.

      Please be especially careful when using it in rainy weather or when wearing light colored clothes.

      When wet, dab with a dry towel and dry in a well-ventilated shaded area

    • How to use a key cornet

      【1.Attach a key】

      Unsnap the key cornet and attach keys to the hooks. We recommend hanging frequently used keys on the left (A, B) and less frequently used keys on the right (C, D). Rotate D to the right once to move it to the left of A.

      【2. Insert a key】

      Insert little used keys into the key fixation belt inside. This way keys do not jingle, and it is easier to use because only the normally used keys move.


      When closing the key cornet, wrap the keys up. Closing the key cornet with a key outside may result in the key coming off the metal fitting and being lost. Be sure to put the keys inside before wrapping the leather. For a large key that does not fit inside, hook it to the big metal fitting on the top.

      【4.Padding replacement】

      When four large keys are attached, and if the button does not fasten due to the volume, replace the thick padding inside with thin padding to fasten the snap more easily.

      First unsnap the small three-stranded snaps (Only open when replacing the padding). Remove the thick padding inside.

      Insert the attached thin padding firmly to the end, and snap the two lower snaps out of the three. Wrap the key fixation belt around to the position where the remaining lower snap can be seen through the leather hole, and fasten the top snap on the belt tip over the hole

       【5.Color changes】

      The leather used for our key cornet is vegetable tanned leather containing oil.

      This leather features a natural texture that chrome tanning can never create.

      The leather will have a good feel and fit well into your hands due to using it over time while the lighter color becomes deeper.

      Also, when kept in the sunlight, the color change increases and turns into quite a different color from the purchase time.

      Thank you for your understanding. We hope you will enjoy the changes.

    2012年 Japan Leather Award 雑貨部門賞受賞
    2014年 Japan Leather Award 日本エコレザー部門賞受賞





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