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We commit to the material.

We pursue individuality and functionality.


proposes a lifestyle with leather.


Handy and practical


Exceptional sensibility

Specially selected materials


Beautiful elaborate sewing


Careful work underneath


Gift for loved ones.


ABALLI is a brand that has won many contests such as JAPAN LEATHER AWARD, developing items with an artistic world view of designer, Mitusya Kato, who studied in Italy. Unique design that pursues both individuality and functionality is born from the functionality that considers the user's usability in detail, and an item that combines the uniqueness and functionality of the design is also ideal for a gift. We want to be a brand that makes life more enjoyable.


Mitsuya Kato



Born in Niigata Prefecture.

After graduating from an interior design school, worked in architecture and photography.



Seeing the Soka Leather Grand Prize Contest, became interested in leather bags and started making them.



Received the grand prize in the 4th Soka Leather Grand Prize Contest. Was the first amateur to receive this prize. Also won first place in the popularity vote.  Decided to become a bag craftsperson.


Received the Soka City Local Industry Promotion Council Chairman's Prize in the 5th Soka Leather Grand Prize Contest, and won first place in the popularity vote.


Left the photography company and prepared for training in Italy while taking orders for bags under the Aballi brand.


Traveled to Italy and received training at Nieri Argenti in Florence. 

As a modellista (patterner), trusted to make prototypes (from paper patterns to secondary prototypes) of new brand items for New York, London and Tokyo.


After returning to Japan, held the first solo exhibition at OVE in Aoyama, Tokyo, in December, and launched ABALLI, the real leather brand.



Won the Miscellaneous Goods Category Award in the 2012 Japan Leather Awards. 



Won the Japan Eco Leather Award in the 2014 Japan Leather Awards.



Transferred the studio to his hometown, Murakami City, Niigata Prefecture.



Opened a showroom near the studio, which is still open today.

We commit to the material.


This Aballi product is made of Tennâge, the natural wood sheet from Zeroone Products.

The patented technique of filling resin into thinly sliced natural wood and laminating with reinforcing materials provides sufficient strength and flexibility without damaging the warm texture of natural wood.

Italian leather

Uses Elba mat, a high-quality tanned cowhide leather made by Tempesti, a representative tanner of Italian vegetable tanning. Slightly soft and matte texture. Its moist and familiar touch is exceptional, and the oil is soaked in, so the aging changes quickly and the color becomes deeper and deeper.

Tochigi-leather (japan)

High-quality tanned tanned cowhide from Tanchi Tanned Tanner “Tochigi Leather Co.” A glossy look and a hard, crisp texture that suits your business. Rich in secular change, the deepening luster is very beautiful.

Leather reflects light with the leather texture

This reflective leather that we developed is full of possibilities for safety and is also a new fashion expression. Retroreflective ink used in road reflective material is imprinted on leather, maintaining the texture and feel of crumpled leather.

Aballi products made with the reflective leather show a fascinating unique look found nowhere else.

Retroreflection means to reflect light from the light source 180 degrees in only the light source direction.

Ensures safe walking in the evening due to reflecting car headlights back toward the drivers.


Handling Precautions

To maximize the characteristics essential to natural leather, the product color is not completely fixed and the product is dyed the minimum necessary.

Please be especially careful when using it in rainy weather or when wearing light colored clothes.

Therefore, the product may lose color or fade due to absorbing sweat or moisture, or from rubbing against other objects.

When wet, dab with a dry towel and dry in a well-ventilated shaded area.

Aballi Leather Studio 

63 Goishi, Murakami City, Niigata Prefecture 959-3941

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